Add accessories, color and style to update your look for spring

Add accessories, color and style to update your look for spring

Everyone loves a bargain. Maybe even more so in our continuing downed economy, high unemployment rate, and rising gas prices.

But spring is coming and that means leaving the coats and scarves behind and showing off our updated wardrobe.  How do we update and still keep our finances in check?

Add color, style  and accessories

When investigating the world of womens clothing to update your look, you don’t have to buy new dresses or jeans to keep up with the trends.  Accessories are the way to go.

Style expert Allison Deyette of Access Hollywood gives tips on how to take a simple black dress and give it multiple, fresh looks with various accessories while focusing on color and textures. Some of these include the following:

· Big statement necklace

· Arm candy (multiple bracelets)

. Colorful tights

· Clutches and handbags

· Feathers and clips for the hair

· Wraps

The stylist explains that these looks are seen on Hollywood’s red carpet and that they can be replicated for cheap by shopping at a store like TJ Max.

Then and now

By using a simple black dress, or a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt, it seems one can also dress to represent a favorite decade while keeping true to modern fashion. The 80s may have seen some pretty extreme, loud fashion. But when wearing something simple, you can borrow some flare from the 80s by wearing a big, bright belt, and lots of “arm candy” (we all remember Tiffany).

By utilizing accessories and a little creativity on your own, you can create a fresh look and stand out at any party.

Anyone else have any money-saving wardrobe update tips to share?  Please chime in!