You’re Not Splitting Hairs when Searching for the Best Extensions

Changing your hairstyle is an ideal way to find and reclaim that vibrant spark within you, and hair extensions will offer the maximum boost to your lively new transformation. Joan Crawford once said, the “most important thing a woman can have—next to talent, of course—is her hairdresser.”

Finding the right salon that offers the ambiance of a sanctuary, that is staffed by skilled professionals, and that stocks safe products, should be on the forefront of your list of “must haves” when making your choice. Salons such as AZ Strands Scottsdale provide just that—their detailed one-on-one engagement with clients, safe products, and passionate expertise set them apart from the “beauty shops” that lie wedged in America’s strip malls.

When deciding between a salon of the avant-garde, or a run-of-the-mill beauty shop, you are not splitting hairs. Rather, you are saving them.

What are the Differences?

There are many! When selecting a salon that stands above and beyond the commonplace beauty shop, be sure to trust your hair to a professional that utilizes safe methods. Avoid getting hair extensions where heavy heat, glue and harsh chemicals are used. These methods can severely damage your hair.

There are, however, two safe practices that are ideal. Proper salons that follow safe guidelines will offer the strand by strand and/or the micro length hair extension methods. These procedures are a safe alternative from the older mode of utilizing harsh, dangerous chemicals.

Also, modern salons are usually run by industry professionals who have years upon years of experience. This attests to their passion for the art of hair design. All too often women find themselves seated in a beauty shop at the hands of one who lacks the passion for the work, and is simply there to collect a paycheck. Entrusting your hair to someone who has a genuine passion for the art will ultimately ensure a better job.

In addition, some salons focus on providing a calming atmosphere where individual attention is given to the client. This is a far cry from the noisy chaos of the traditional beauty shop, and allows the client to relax and unwind.

The Choice is Clear

Making the choice to buy quality hair extensions with a non-intrusive application is well worth the investment. In an article published by BBC News the author examines why the Trichological Society called for a ban on hair extensions. Multiple cases of scalp problems and hair loss resulted from a low standard of service. Many of these beauty shops used poor quality hair that snagged when being brushed. The article also addresses the dangers of glue. Do your own research, and you will see that the previously discussed safe methods in this article of hair extension application, along with good quality hair, will not only save your money in the long run, but will ensure your health and safety.