: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-qckyI3_2QUw/TfSSgqC3vnI/AAAAAAAAASE/PqqhVFxU240/s1600/women-sunglasses-femalecity.jpgIt’s amazing how a pair of glasses can completely change the way that you look. Put on one pair and you look severe and professional – put on another and suddenly your appearance is completely transformed. Glasses are an essential fashion accessory, and like all fashion, you can make right choices or wrong choices. In fact, a pair of glasses that look just spectacular on one person can look completely out of place on someone else. How do you go about choosing glasses that are just right for you when you walk into somewhere like Dayton Ohio’s Stanton Optical

The shape of your face is the thing that you need to pay the most attention to when you are choosing eyewear. There are in fact several basic face shapes – including oval, square, round, and oblong. You want to choose glasses that complement the shape of your face, accentuating the good points and hiding the weaknesses.

If you have an oval face – where your face is pleasantly rounded and your forehead is slightly wider than your chin – then you are really lucky. You will look good in most types of eyeglasses, although you do need to make sure that they are slightly broader than the widest point on your face.

If you look at yourself in the mirror and you think you have a very solid jawline, then the chances are that you either have a square or oblong face. However, while both types of face share a strong jaw, they need very different types of glasses. If you have a rectangular face – in other words it is fairly long – then you need to make it look shorter. The way to do this is by wearing large square frames – these take up a lot of room in the middle of your face, creating the desired effect.

On the other hand, if your face isn’t long – in other words it is square – then the last thing you want to do is to make it look even shorter. Instead of wearing square frames, go with wide ones that are fairly shallow – these will lengthen your face. You may also want to consider getting oval frames, since square faces can appear quite angular, and this type of frame softens that appearance.

Finally, if you have a round face, then you want to take much the same approach as with a square face, since you want to make your face look longer. Go with wide, shallow frames, but instead of getting oval ones, get angular ones. The problem with a round face is that it can appear a little vague, and angular frames will add definition.

http://pakispoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Sun-Glasses-for-Fashion-and-Style-391x500.jpgWhatever frames you do end up buying, make sure that you have your eyes checked first by a good ophthalmologist. Glasses are for fashion, but they are also there to make sure that you can see well. In addition, an ophthalmologist can pick up early signs of problems with your eyes, such as glaucoma and damage from diseases such as diabetes.