Life on Coronation Street

Over the past few years, American soap opera fans have been disheartened by the cancelation of a number of their favorite soap operas.  In 2009, Procter & Gamble broke many hearts when it ceased production on it’s 73-year-long soap, Guiding Light, that September.   A mere two months later, in early December, P&G announced the cancelation of As the World Turns, saying the show would continue on air through September 2010.   In April 2011, ABC Daytime announced the cancelation of All My Children (to occur that September) and One Life to Live (to go off air in January 2012).  By that July, Prospect Park, a fairly new LA-based production company announced it had purchased the rights for All My Children and One Life to Live and had plans to bring the shows back to life on the internet.  However,  by that November, those plans fell through when Prospect Park suspended their efforts.  For fans of AMC and OLTL, they had lost their soaps not once but twice the same year.

That was a dark day, indeed, for all soap fans.

But things are now looking up.  Prospect Park is back in the soap opera business, signing deals with entertainment craft unions (WGA, DGA, SAG/AFTRA), hiring directors, writers, actors and other staff, and gearing up once again to begin production on the internet versions of AMC and OLTL.

Not only that, the British soap opera, Coronation Street, is now available to American audiences through the magic of Hulu and Hulu Plus, the same technology platform that is rumored to distribute All My Children and One Life to Live.

Any and everyone from the UK well knows the trials, tribulations  loves and losses of everyday life on Coronation Street.  US audiences may now become just as enthralled., a company that follows the goings on in the world of soap operas, has just published a very cool exclusive preview of Coronation Street.

US soap fans, here’s a heads up. You may soon be getting hooked on a new soap.  As for our Birtish ex pats, you’ll now have your 53-year long addiction right here in the colonies thanks to Hulu and Hulu Plus.