If you cringe when you pull in the driveway or get depressed when you walk in your front door, maybe it’s time to make a couple quick home improvements. You can make significant improvements to the appearance of your home in as little as one day. Even better, these ideas do not cost a fortune, and you can do the work yourself.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

You do not need to be an electrician to replace the covers on your lighting fixtures. Replacement globes are available for interior and exterior fixtures. Try new globes for your pendant lights or porch light—just make sure to choose one that fits the fixture. Add solar path lights, too; these do not require wiring and reduce your electricity use.

Improve the Look of Your Windows

This improvement can make both the inside and outside of your home more attractive. Drabby, faded and torn curtains are simply depressing. Try adding several layers of sheer, flimsy fabric or new roller shades from justblinds.com. There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from. Measuring information is provided and installation will be quick and easy. You get an added benefit of protecting the interior of your home from sun damage during the summer.

Quick Kitchen Improvements

You do not have to replace your cabinetry to improve the appearance and function—sometimes all you need is new handles and drawer pulls. They’re an inexpensive and quick fix, and you can even purchase matching hinges. The replacement is easy, you will only need a flat or Phillips-head screwdriver. If you are ambitious, take the doors off and give them a coat of fresh paint. This will require a good cleaning and possibly sanding first, but it is still an easy, low-cost improvement.

Spruce up the Exterior

Sometime just some simple landscape work can greatly improve the way your home looks. Trim scruffy shrubs and bushes and get rid of weeds. Add a few potted flowers around your porch. If you have outdoor furniture, give it a good cleaning. If the furniture is plastic, you can purchase a can of spray paint designed for outdoor furniture and completely change the color.

All these ideas are easy to implement and low in cost. You will not only improve how your home looks, you may add to the value. While each idea can be done in one day, you may very well find yourself wanting to spend several days doing everything. Do not say we did not warn you.