Apparently, over 70% of us have not!  The question is why not?

You are not your mother. Long gone are the days when women traipsed through the home in high heels, a pearl necklace, perfect hair, and a feather duster in hand. The days of June Cleaver are over. Today’s woman has her most challenging role yet. She is a working professional. If she has a family, she is walking the line between raising children and earning a salary. She is an expert at multitasking. And she takes pride in her home and children.

According to the Internet World Stats, 77.3% of Americans use the Internet at home. And, according to CTIA, only 34% of those households use wireless Internet.  This seems alarming and, quite frankly, confusing considering that wireless Internet makes one’s life so much easier; especially for a woman ruling her household.

ATTENTION ALL WOMEN: please read on and discover how using a wireless option for your home will make your life so much easier.  Let’s remove that antiquated cable from your modem, that June Cleaver tugging at your apron strings, and turn her into a ‘Lara Croft’: a streamlined, fast, system that gets the job done.

Aesthetics: Less is More

Dangling cables and coiled balls of chord are major eyesores. They not only disrupt the aesthetic appeal of the home you worked so hard to decorate, but they project an image of messiness and carelessness. Furthermore, they can be hazards. Cables are easy for children to trip over, or for pets to chew on. Not only will wireless Internet clean up that mess, but it will remove potential danger from your home.

Make Life Simpler

With a wireless Internet option, you can now move your laptop to any room in the house. Ever want to do some work in bed? Perhaps you want to pull up a recipe or an instructional cooking video from your kitchen counter. Are there times when the kids are loud and you wish you could escape to another part of the house with your laptop? With wireless Internet you are no longer fettered to your modem. Now you have full range of the home and outdoors to get your work or tasks done in peace and privacy.

Better Grades for the Kids

If you have a family, like most women with wired Internet, you either have to give time allowances for online use to ensure that each child has ample time to play and do their homework, or perhaps you have multiple computers next to each other that give the impression of a crude study lab. With wireless Internet, multiple computers can access the web with lightning speed, and they can be spread all throughout the home. Watch your kid’s grades improve from better study habits that are free to form from having time restrains lifted on Internet usage. Also, when your kids aren’t cramped together in close quarters, their focus will be sharper when they are free to study independently and in more comfortable parts of the home.

Family Game Night

Say goodbye to Monopoly. With wireless Internet you can access online gaming platforms through the LAN option, and enjoy hours of fun with the family. When you aren’t all huddled together at multiple computers by the modem, you will be free to sprawl out in comfort and enjoy more quality family time engrossing yourselves in challenging games.

Sign Me Up!

Now that you see the many benefits to having a wireless Internet option in your home, go to and select the right package for you and your family. It’s time to take control of your digital home. It’s time to step out of the dark ages!