As with all technology, things these days change rapidly. Once you think you are current with software and hardware, new devices and programs hit the market. Using virus software to keep your computer free of viruses helps keep your computer run at top efficiency, but simply installing a program to combat viruses and other threats is just the beginning.

Say for example, several months ago you installed Norton Internet Security 2013 or another antivirus software on your computer. But you got a virus on your computer anyway. If you have a high quality antivirus program on your computer you may be confused, frustrated and even angry that this happened. After all, your antivirus protection should be protecting you from all types of threats and most certainly from viruses. But you may not realize that you are the reason that your antivirus program is not providing your computer with the protection that you, your data and your computer deserve.

If you manage your settings for your Norton Internet Security 2013 to not allow updates or you do not do the manual updates that are necessary for non-Norton softwares, you will be missing out on important patches that are needed to protect your computer from new and modified threats. Your software is only as good as the day that it was developed, but new threats are being developed every day and existing threats are being modified even more often to reach out and hurt you as much as possible. With Norton Internet Security 2013, you can rely on your software to update on its own every day. There is no need to mess around downloading, updating and wasting crucial surfing time that could be spent doing other things when you are on the web. Norton Internet Security 2013 makes things easy for you