As a young woman, you may think you are going to live forever. You feel fine.  You look great, and that’s wonderful.  But you should not ignore your health.

One way to make sure you stay in tip-top shape is to have that annual health check-up.  Not only will it ensure you are in good health, but it also serves as a preventative measure in the event you may have a serious health problem lurking.

Examining blood count can reveal the early formation of cancer cells, and other types of disease and alarming health risks. Your annual health check-up is a vital part of your health maintenance. Even if you feel great, there can be unseen problems that early detection can correct before they become worse and harder to treat.

But Making a Doctor Appointment is a Pain 

Or is it a necessary evil?  Like going to the DMV, few people get excited over doctor appointments. But you can say goodbye to the days when you have to wait weeks to be seen. Now there is a way you can get your annual health check-up that doesn’t require lengthy waiting times. Furthermore, you wont have to fuss over going through your insurance provider. Don’t have insurance? No problem! This method of having your annual health check-up doesn’t require insurance AND you will save lots of money you would normally spend on paying those outrageous out-of-pocket doctor’s fees, not to mention lab fees.

A recent article published by The New York Times argues that full medical check-ups at the doctor’s office are a waste of time and effort and are sometimes even dangerous in that they can lead to unneeded procedures. Though this may sound extreme to some, it makes a degree of sense when considering the alternative of having an annual health-check up as discussed in this article; for it is in-depth enough to test the basic areas, but without being too intrusive.

So how do you go about getting this kind of health check up?  It’s as easy as point and click.  You can purchase a comprehensive annual check-up online. All you do is purchase the check-up, fill out some paperwork that will be immediately e-mailed to you upon purchase, and make your speedy appointment at one of many testing labs in your area.

What does the Check-Up Cover?

This check-up is very thorough, but not overly intrusive. It covers the comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), complete blood count with differential (CBC), lipid profile and a urinalysis.  There is no need to make a traditional doctor’s appointment for your annual check-up. If there are any abnormalities showing in your results, or any concerning figures, then is the time to follow up immediately with your doctor. This method of receiving your annual health check-up is advantageous in that is saves the patient time, money, and it isn’t officious.

Here’s to Good Health

Getting an annual check-up is extremely important in that it serves as a safety net—it will catch any alarming test results that may be indicative of much more serious health problems. Early detection is always the key to successful treatment, and without your annual health check-up, the chance of early detection in serious illnesses and diseases is dramatically reduced. Go purchase an annual-health check-up, and raise your glass to good health for years to come.