How to Market Your Business with Affordable Promos

Small business owners today have more advertising options than ever. Online and offline methods of both the standard and traditional varieties can take you far! The key is to make a very serious rather than half-hearted attempt in order to truly understand which advertising methods work best for your niche. Here are some promos to look into:

1. Business cards and the best ways to use them.  Many people underestimate the importance of a business card. They aren’t only meant for those times when somebody requests one. When you have hundreds of cards ready to go, you can approach dozens of people a week and tell them about your business. There’s nothing wrong with telling the cashier at the corner store, “My salon just moved in down the street. Stop in and I’ll get you a discount!” Sign and date the back whenever you hand out a card; this provides both personalization and a slight sense of urgency.

You can also leave small stacks of cards at coffee shops, clothing shops, yoga studios and other places where potential customers congregate.

Tip:People will be more likely to keep your card if you include a calendar on the back.

2. Give out promo products.  A few hundred dollars can garner you plenty of promo products. Think about what makes the most sense for your industry. Plumbers and restaurants tend to give kitchen magnets because people think about their clogged sinks and empty bellies when in the kitchen! If you provide SEO services, then giving out custom flash drives could leave a great impression upon your target market. Some products like minespress coffee mugs and great-fitting T-shirts are smart promo products for any business.

3. Use Facebook coupons.  Do you have a Facebook business page? When Facebook business pages have 400 or more fans, the page administrator can offer coupons. These coupons can be printed for in-store use.

Bonus: Facebook lets you use this service for free the first time around.

4. Give a free sample of your work.  Sometimes a sample will get people hooked on your product or service! If you’re a masseuse, print coupons or post a sign for ten free minutes of massage. If you’re a gourmet chef, distribute tasty morsels at a farmers market or grocery store.

5. Partner with other businesses to offer a prize.  As a small business owner in a tight economy, you might not have the funds to offer a fabulous prize on your own. Why not team up with other local businesses? Together you can advertise each other’s businesses and expand your customer base this holiday season. You could each chip in cash for a grand prize or have the grand prize be a product or service from each participating company.

And if you are engaging in such a partnership, definitely submit a press release to the local newspaper for the best chance at widespread exposure.

6. Marketing to women.  When marketing to women, don’t underestimate the power of the internet.  Women are the buying decision makers.  We tend to do our research online.  Consider an online marketing campaign, targeted regionally, to attract the local females to your business or service.