Rock on!

Finding common ground in any relationship faces its sets of challenges. When looking for a source of entertainment, these challenges can be especially difficult. While he may want to watch ‘Scarface’ you may want to watch ‘The Notebook.’

Music often bridges that gap in personal differences of taste. For example, by getting tickets to see artist Kenny Chesney, all that is required is that both people love the genre of country music. When a couple is trying to experience that fun and special date night, music is the best form of entertainment to embrace and it may just turn a first date into a series of others to come.

Live entertainment is the way to go

While finding a film both people can enjoy is tricky, finding a recording artist who is mutually liked is much easier. But don’t just listen to music at home, get out there and engage in a live event.

In an article published by Redbook Magazine the author examines 100 great date night ideas, and ranks going to live entertainment as being the second best option while shunning the ever-popular “dinner and a movie.” But aside from facing the challenges of finding a film both you and your date can enjoy together, there are other reasons why live music is a much better choice.

First of all, when you go to a movie you aren’t able to carry on a conversation. If this is a first date or if the relationship is fairly new, you will want to engage in an activity that allows conversation and fluid movement. Nobody wants to be stuck in a seat for 2 hours in silence while wondering what his or her date’s favorite travel destination is. By going to a live music event you can have free-flowing conversation, but focus on the performance when you run out of immediate things to say. Also, live music can open doorways to other possibilities like dancing, or engaging conversation that revolves around the performance itself. In addition, most live music events have intermissions that allow a change of scenery by stepping outdoors or heading to the bar. By simply moving around you can re-charge and re-fresh and stay on your toes to be at your most charming.

Get your tickets

Go to an online ticket site and look for an event that will provide that special date night. These sites will have a section that shows all the different recording artists, the venues they are playing at, and they offer price ranges to help make your planning that much easier.

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