How do I get advice?

It’s easy. Just click the purple “Need Advice?” button.

First time visitors:

If you’re a new visitor to the site, the first time you click on the “Need Advice?” button you will be asked to register. Registration is free and easy.  Once signed up, and your email is confirmed, you return to, click that purple “Need Advice?” button, post your dilemma or whatever it is you are seeking advice about, add some tags, select a category, and submit.

Returning visitors:

Just click the purple “Need Advice?” button. It will ask you to sign in. Once signed in, you just type in your dilemma or whatever it is you are seeking advice about, add some tags, select a catagory, and submit.

Or, you simply log in first, then click the purple “Need Advice?” button and proceed as above.


How do I give advice?

Giving advice is just as easy.  Find a request for advice that you feel strongly about, or that otherwise hits home with you.  There are a number of ways to find chirps of interest:

1) See what’s new on the homepage. There are ten current chirps on the home page at any given time.  Click the “older entries” link to retrieve previous chirps.  See something of interest?  Chime in and chirp on.

2) Use the “Recent,” “Popular,” “Unanswered,” and “Random” links at the top of the chirps on the home page to bring up ten different chirps.

3) Click or tap one of the many categories at to find chirps of interest within that category.

4) Click or tap a tag to bring up all the chirps with that tag.

5) Always check the “Unanswered” and “Uncategorized” categories.  You might find a conversation or dilemma that you just have to weigh in on and where your advice will help the person seeking solutions.

Once you find a chirp that hits home with you and you feel you have advice and ideas to offer, simply add your comments and submit!


What if I forget to place my chirp for advice into a category?

No worries!  Just contact us and we will add it to the category of your choice.  Don’t forget to tell us the title of the advice request and the category you choose.


What are the numbers on the left of the replies?

You may attribute a positive or negative value to every reply, if you are not the topic starter.  Just hover over the bubble on the left of every reply and a “+” or “-” will appear.  Click or tap the value of your choice.


What are the numbers on everyone’s photo?

When you are in a chirp thread, you will see  numbers on the left side of the profile photo of everyone who makes a comment.  This number tallies automatically and equates to the number of chips a member has contributed to the site. The more you chirp, the higher the number.  The higher the number, the more you will be recognized as a Chirppet Expert.


What is a Chirppet Expert?

A Chirppet Expert is someone who is very active on Chirppet, seeks advice on many topics and is always ready to help others by offering good advice.


What are the numbers on the titles of the chirps for advice?

The number on the chirps for advice equates to how many of your fellow chirppers have weighed in.  If you see a “0″ the chirp is unanswered.  Answer it! :)


How do I select the best answer to my chirp for advice?

Again. So easy. Just find the chirp that has helped you the most and select it as the best advice.  If you don’t see any advice that is cutting it for you, just post a comment asking for more advice, or for chirppers to clarify or be more specific, etc!


What is a Chirppet Influencer?

A Chirppet Influencer is also a Chirppet Expert. They are very active on chirppet.  But not only do they participate frequently, like the Experts, their advice is selected as being the “best” advice on many chirps.

How do I become a Chirppet Influencer?

When members chirpping for advice select your response as the “best,” you are on your way to becoming a Chirppet Influencer.


How do I add photos or videos to my advice requests?


To add a photo to your “Need Advice” post, click the purple “Need Advice” button on the right of the site.  The Need Advice form opens.  Under the word “Content” and above the content editor, you will see a little icon of a camera after the words “upload/insert.”  See below.

Click the camer icon.  It will open a page where you can drag a photo from your computer desktop right into the site.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and click “Insert into post.”  Once inserted in the post, mouse over the photo.  Two boxes will appear in the upper left corner of the photo upon mouse over.  One is a scene of a mountian with blue sky. The other is a red circle with a line intersecting it.  If you click on the mountain, it will open a page to edit the photo. Here you can select whether to place the photo on the left , center, or right of the page, or make it smaller. You can add a caption here, and add alternate text. Once finished with these edits, click “Update” and the photo will appear where you want it and the size you want it in your post.

If you don’t like this photo, or the way you’ve edited it, you can delete it. Mouse over the photo again, getting those two small boxes in the upper left of the photo. This time, click the red circle with the intersection line. This will delete the photo from your post.


To add videos to your post, grab the “embed” code from YouTube or Vimeo.  In the content editor you will see two tabs on the upper right.  Visual and HTML.  Click the HTML tab and insert the embed code where you want the video to appear. Change the dimensions in the embed code to 400×350 in order for it to match Chirppet’s style sheet.  Once you’ve copied and pasted the code and adjusted the sizing, click the Visual tab and you will see a yellow box where the video will appear.  If you have done this correctly, the video will appear as a video when you submit  your post.

How do I change my password or email address?

Log in with your current password.

To change your password, click on the profile link once you are logged in. Find the password fields on your profile. Type in a new password, type it again for confirmation.

To change your email address, find the email field in your profile.  Type in a new email address.

Save your profile.


How do I create a secret Chirppet identity?

At you have the choice to remain anonymous.  Either you may have your chirps attributed to the real you, or to your secret Chirppet identity (aka nickname).

When you register you are required to supply your real name and email address.  Your user name is the name you use to register at Chirppet.  It cannot be changed — EVER!


You also have the option to remain anonymous by creating a “nickname.”  Then, you can select which name you want to appear on your chirps.  Your real name, or your nickname.  Using the nickname keeps your real name hidden and you remain anonymous to the other chirppers.

You may change your nickname at any time, but if you do, it will be difficult for other chippers to recognize and keep track of you, your comments, and your expert or influencer status.