kids playing soccer

Do your kids play hard?

As an active family, you are leading a healthier lifestyle than “the Jones’” who sit at home watching TV or playing games. By engaging in family activities like cycling, running, and skiing you are promoting healthy cardio and respiratory function. On the flip side, people who lead athletic lifestyles are more prone to injury than a family of couch potatoes, yet the benefits are still definitely worth the risk. Kids are usually the most active, and many play team sports. By visiting a good Family practice, not only can your child get annual check ups and receive treatment for sports related injuries, they can also receive a sports physical.

Getting a sports physical

Sports physicals are a good idea, and in some cases they are mandatory if your have children who play in team sports. For example, some high school sports clubs require students to get medical clearances before they can even put on the uniform. In other cases, private classes such as gymnastics or ice skating instructors will also ask that a doctor clear the child. A sports physical consists of two main parts: the physical exam itself, and your medical history. The medical history portion will include questions about any injuries of illnesses the child has had. The doctor will ask if any medical conditions run in the family. A doctor will also ask the child if he/she has ever felt chest pain or dizziness when playing sports or running.

During the physical exam portion the doctor will do the following:

· Check weight

· Check height

· Listen to heart and lungs

· Take blood pressure

· Look inside ears, nose and throat

· Feel abdomen

· Test how flexible and strong the child is

· Check eyesight

The exam doesn’t take very long at all, and knowing that your child is healthy enough to engage in team sports before taking the field will offer Mom and Dad peace of mind.

But is it really necessary?

Absolutely. In an article published by Web MD focused on parenting and sports, the author states that a sports physical can help kids avoid getting hurt. Sometimes your child may have an undiagnosed condition that excessive physical activity can flare up and pose potential danger to the child’s health. By taking your son or daughter to get that sports physical, you are putting them in a great position where they can be healthy and safe, while playing sports well into their adult years ahead.