Pink carnation

A flower represents more than beauty—it is a direct symbol of life as we know it. Just like humans, flowers take a great deal of planning and care before they bloom, and their delicacy is often their downfall. Nothing represents life and love more than the beautiful pink carnation. Whether you are looking to grow the flowers or purchase already-made beautiful ones in bulk, you can learn more about pink carnations and see how they can fit into your lifestyle now.

History and Significance

Carnations originally came from the Mediterranean thousands of years ago. Since then, their wide popularity has resulted in their growth in regions around the world. Currently, Colombia grows the most carnations and is subsequently one of the world’s biggest producers. Not only is this type of flower more durable than others, but it is extremely affordable. Its beauty allows it to stand by itself or it may be combined with others in an arrangement.

These flowers carry a broad symbol of enduring love, but pink carnations have an even more special meaning. Christian legends state that pink carnations first appeared when Jesus carried the cross. Specifically, the flowers bloomed at the spots where his mother, Mary, cried. So not only do pink carnations represent love between humans, but they also symbolize a mother’s love. This is one reason why these flowers are often given to children from moms.

Buy Pink Carnations

The beauty of pink carnations has led them to become one of the most popular selections for a variety of occasions. Not only do people decorate their homes with pink carnations from GlobalRose, but they also use them for special occasions, such as weddings. The blooms last much longer than most other types of flowers, and the variations of the petals holds interest for several days.

The high demand for the flowers has also led consumers to buy the flowers online. This is especially the case when bulk carnations are necessary. GlobalRose makes buying pink carnations particularly easy because you get to select the exact amount you want, as well as the stem lengths. Buying in bulk is much more affordable and the pink carnations are delivered to your door within a few days.

Growing the Flowers

If you are brave and have a green thumb, you might consider planting pink carnations yourself. This method is generally used if you only want a few occasional carnations and if you have a love for gardening. Pink carnations are planted before the last frost of the spring season, and you can generally obtain around five to six blossoms per stem.

Planting pink carnations can be tricky because you don’t know what the weather will always hold. These flowers need minimal water, as too much moisture can cause them to rot. The good news is GlobalRose produces the precise climate pink carnations require in special greenhouses to prevent this from happening. If you don’t have luck gardening the flowers yourself, you might want to give this premier grower a try.

So the question is, are you game to grow your own or do you prefer to purchase them online?  

Pink Carnation Photo Courtesy stock.xchng