Back in the day, it may have been hard to find a great restaurant if you were traveling or visiting another city. You could try a fancy looking restaurant down the street from you, but what if you spent a ton of money on dinner and the food is terrible? You’d really have no way of knowing at all. Asking for recommendations from friends and family usually helped, but in today’s day and age finding a restaurant you’ll love while on vacation has never been easier. Use these tips to find a restaurant when traveling. Who knows, you may end up recommending it to someone else!

Search for Online Reviews
It’s never been easier to find what the masses think of a restaurant. Simply search a restaurant you’re interested on any sort of online search engine and it’s likely that hundreds of reviews will pop up. Lots of websites even review specific entrees, so if the restaurant has a dish that you may be interested in, be sure to check out the reviews to see what others are saying about it. You can find reviews on all different kinds of things about the restaurant, including service, food quality, price, and a lot more. Reading online reviews can also be entertaining, as some people really like to have their voice heard!

Download their Menu Online
Download and print. Choosing to review a restaurant’s menu online before you go will ensure that there will be something you like before you wait 45 minutes for a table. If you’re looking to try a certain type of cuisine, consider printing a bunch of different menus from restaurants in the city you’re in, circling things you like, and discussing with your family which one has the most entrees that sound delicious to them. Compile a list of restaurants in the city you’re visiting by checking out websites like Yellow Pages United and you’ll be on your way to good eats!

Follow the Crowds
If you feel like being really ambitious, you can easily find a popular restaurant by just simply seeing where the crowds go. If it takes you a hours to get a reservation, you’re probably in for a delicious dinner. It wouldn’t hurt to search for reviews or download the menu of a popular restaurant though, just to be safe you’re going to find something you like.

Ask a Local
If you’re looking for a good restaurant, it won’t hurt to ask a local. Whether it’s the front desk at your hotel, your cab driver from the airport, or even a random person on the street, getting recommendations straight from the source will ensure that you find a delicious restaurant. Locals obviously know the city a lot better than you do, and their recommendations usually come very high regarded. Be sure that you ask them what their favorite local dish is too, so you can get a true taste of the city that you’re in!