If you’re already in college, chances are you’re on a budget. If you’re paying for books, tuition, housing, and other things then you may not have very much money left over for anything else.

Not to worry. There’s plenty of your favorite things out there that are available for free; you just need to be creative in how you find them. If you find that you don’t have much money left for things you could afford before college, check out these tips on how to get them now without breaking your wallet.


If you are paying high prices for music for your mobile device, stop! Paying for expensive music is one of the most avoidable expenses you can have while you’re in college. Usually costing more than a dollar a song, paying for all your music downloads can add up quickly. There are many different options on how to get free music while you’re in college without visiting sketchy overseas websites that might harm your computer. You can find Free music downloads @ kazagold.com and many other websites that are safe and secure. If you don’t have a mobile device and don’t want to take up space on your computer, stream music on sites like YouTube. Whatever you do, don’t pay for music anymore because you really don’t need to!


While finding free food around your town is a little tougher than finding free music online, it’s not impossible. If it’s your birthday, there are likely plenty of places that will serve you up a free meal. Even if it’s not your birthday, finding free food on college campuses is a pretty simple process. Many different organizations and clubs have free food weekly, or events that will have free food. Find a list of these clubs through your school’s associated students office and visit their Facebook pages or websites to see when you can score some free grub!


If you’re looking for a new couch for your new apartment or dorm, finding free furniture is easy especially in a college town. Furniture usually changes hands every year in a college town, and as people move out and move away they usually give their furniture to their friends or put it on the free section of Craigslist. Usually, you’ll be able to find just about everything you need, whether it’s a coffee table or a mattress. Sometimes the quality of free furniture you may find isn’t spectacular, but if you spend enough time searching then you will be guaranteed to get lucky!


There are ways around shelling out a ton of money each term for textbooks if you can get a little bit creative. Most college libraries have reserve sections for all the textbooks that your classes require. You may not be able to bring the book home to study, but if you do most of your studying in the library anyway, than you’ll be fine. You may even be able to make photocopies of the section you need if you want to instead study at home.