Bingo and fun are as synonymous as Mickey Mouse and Disney World – and the main reason for that is that bingo is a very sociable game. It’s the main reason why bingo has remained one of the world’s most popular pastimes for such a long period of time, that – and you can win some great cash prizes playing it.

There are not many games where you see so many people having fun and that’s because many people choose to play it with friends. But don’t worry if you haven’t got and friends who share your passion for bingo – you’ll soon meet new friends who do, as the social aspect of bingo means everyone loves spending plenty of time nattering between games about how close they all were to winning the last game or how they’re going to spend your winnings if they win the next one.

Bingo is often competitive but always in a friendly way, and most players don’t tend to get jealous if somebody else wins. However, if you’re playing with friends, why not agree to split any winnings and then you can all celebrate or commiserate together.

Another reason bingo is so much fun is that it’s a visually stimulating game in which you can always see what you’re doing. This heightens the anticipation of what might come next – like the thrill of wanting just one number for a line, a corner or that dream full-house which nets you the jackpot. That and we all love to shout out bingo at the top of our voices when we win.

Indeed, shouting is all part of the fun, and everyone loves to shout out those old caller favourites such as two little ducks – twenty-two – quack quack or two fat ladies eighty-eight.

Today’s cash prizes certainly aren’t to be sniffed at either. Whilst most of us who love bingo were weaned on holiday bingo played at one of those family resorts near the seaside where you got a token for a cheap cuddly toy, bingo games now offer players the chance to win big cash prizes – including jackpots which run into thousands of pounds. Indeed, these fantastic prizes are one of the main reasons why bingo is more popular today than it’s ever been.

The game is also miles easier to learn and play than alternatives like poker, and it really is easy to see just why so many people to play it. It’s also a real game of chance, so you can’t get outwitted or outplayed by those players who’ve been playing for ages.

Whilst holiday bingo is still a great fun way of learning and playing bingo, and serious cash bingo has been played in bingo halls for ages now – there is a new phenomenon that is sweeping the globe – online bingo sites like Butlers. The main reason for this is the massive improvements in computer, tablet and mobile phone technology, and many players are enjoying playing cash prizes from the comfort of their homes or whilst travelling about. It’s also a great excuse to get friends round and, instead of having a night out, have a great fun-night in.

Of course you don’t need your own bingo machine to play at home (although you can buy one here!) because playing online is easy on a PC or tablet, and of course you get to play for big money. Online bingo sites also feature great things such as newsletters, chat-rooms, and their own online bingo communities where you can meet new friends and chat buddies.

You can probably take advantage of play-for-free offers, whilst agreeing to split any winnings could pay for another group night in or – if you win big – a big group night out!