If you are a type II diabetic, then you know just how important it is to keep your weight under control. Obesity is a leading cause of type II diabetes, and getting down to a lean and healthy weight can actually eliminate diabetes symptoms in some people.

However, no matter how much you want to lose weight, sometimes your willpower just isn’t enough. If you’ve tried to diet without success, then maybe it’s time to take a look at professional healthy diet plans. Here, we examine what some of the leading weight loss programs have to offer.


Nutrisystem is the one of the only major companies to offer a special diet plan that is specifically designed for type II diabetics. Its Nutrisystem D plan focuses on a combination of low-glycemic “good” carbs and lots of fiber, including a healthy helping of whole grain foods. There are separate diet plans for men and women, with men getting 1500 calories a day and women getting 1200. The nice thing about this plan is that it provides six meals a day, which keeps your blood sugar stable and hunger at bay.

On the Nutrisystem D program, you really don’t have to track calories, since Nutrisystem delivers the food to you, although this is obviously a more expensive option than cooking your own. The plan has over 130 different food items available, so there’s a lot of variety – which is essential if you’re going to stick to any diet plan. Nutrisystem also says that it has done clinical testing at Temple University, and the results showed that people on the plan were 5 times more likely to see their blood sugar levels go down, and 16 times more likely to lose weight.

Medifast doesn’t offer a specific diabetes diet plan, but it does say that three of its diet plans are suitable for type II diabetics. These plans all distribute food in small portions over the day, which again is good for maintaining your blood sugar levels. The variety is a little less than with Nutrisystem – 70 options instead of 130 – but it’s still enough to keep you interested. Medifast also have a comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of their diet plans if you are diabetic.

Like Medifast, Weightwatchers don’t have a dedicated diet plan for diabetes. They do say their diet plans are designed for healthy living, and offer some additional guidelines for using their plans if you are a diabetic, such as eating the same amount of carbs at each meal and choosing foods with a low glycemic index. However, they don’t provide the level of useful information that Medifast does, and recommend that you talk to your doctor before adapting their diet plans for diabetes.

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As a word of caution, remember that all of this information is for type II diabetes. If you have type I diabetes, changing to a diet that restricts carbohydrates can be dangerous, since it can severely lower your blood sugar  levels.