Want to reach intelligent, hip, witty, fashion-forward, plugged-in women 18-34?

Then a media buy at chirppet.com makes dollars and sense for you!


At chirppet.com and chirppet mobile you target your campaign to women 18-34 who have bought everything from computer hardware and software to travel, music, books, clothing, make-up, magazines, food, financial services and more from behind their computers or smartphones with the convenience of point, click, tap.

Chirppet offers a number of advertising opportunities including:

*ROS and targeted banner rotation.
*Dedicated sponsorship of specific content areas.
*Promotional opportunities.
*Mobile app placements.

Here’s what you need to know:

*Chirppet’s visitors are computer and internet savvy.
*They are mobile.
*They are predominantly women 18-34.
*They are educated professionals.
*They are high school and college students.
*They are stay-at-home, home managers.
*They have discretionary income and they spend it online.
*They crave major brands and services.

Chirppet Currently Accepts the Following Creatives



And various other mini banners and buttons along with text links and newsletter blurbs.

Other Specs
-Up to three loops
-Unlimited length of animation
-Maximum file size = 30 to 35k
-Rich Media accepted
-Rich Media lead time 48 hours
-Flash:  all versions accepted
-Click tag code as follows:  on (release) getURL(clickTag, “_blank”);

For Chirppet’s Rate Card, sponsorship and promotional opportunities, additional demographics, banner sizes, formats and site statistics Contact us.