When we were figuring out how to best give Chirppet some fun and some flare, we decided to create a character that would pop up all over the site, even when you least expected to see it.

Since we were intending to chirp a lot on this site, we could have gone one of two ways:

1) Create a bird character. But isn't that what Twitter uses? At Chirppet, we chirp, we don't tweet.

2) Create some other character that chirps. But what?

That was an easy one. Every morning, right outside my bedroom window, there is a family of squirrels chirping away. They sound so happy and full of life. My dog, on the other hand, is not as happy to hear them. She starts barking and barking and jolts us up out of bed. (Who needs an alarm clock?)

But the squirrels remain unfazed. They simply up the volume level on their conversation and chirp with more attitude! By that time, our whole house is wide awake and ready to start the day with a big smile on our face!

Thus, a squirrel was to become the Chirppet mascot.

When we were designing her, we were tempted by any one of a number of traditional squirrel looks. Some were so cute and cuddly, others were downright ugly. But Sami, our pretty pink squirrel with her long eyelashes and bushy pink tail, emerged the winner.

Additionally, we have taken to toasting to Sami on Friday afternoons when we allegedly engage in a Pink Squirrel cocktail after work!